I can't change my desktop in my system(windows 7).
If I change any wallpaper, there I can see only change in solid color.

So, is there any way to solve this.please

any answer could be appreciated.......

Right click on desktop->Personalize->desktop background->browse


can you post any print screen picture just to confirm what kind of problem you have? And what's your windows 7 version? starter, home premium or ultimate?

Omega.. I don't think he was asking how-to.

Are any error messages displayed when you try to change your background?

Try this. After that see whether can you change your dekstop wallpaper

1) Go to control panel and click display
2) Click on desktop and select customise desktop
3) Under it, click on web.
4) Uncheck every tick under web pages
5) Click apply and you are done.

You might want to see this too. Can other users account on the laptop change the wallpaper.