I have been using Shared Hosting for a while. Recently, my website is getting bigger and Shared Hosting is not very reliable in term of speed. So I decided to bought a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server from GoDaddy. This Virtual Dedicated Server will only be used to host one website only..

What I have done:

  • I have Apache 2.2 installed
  • I have PHP 5 installed
  • I have MySQL 5 installed
  • I have successfully view my website from Virtual Dedicated Server IP.

The real question is

At Domain Manager, I need to fill nameserver. I wonder if I can use put my static Virtual Dedicated Server IP in that nameserver field or do I have do any other extra step?

Name servers are DNS servers. The page will show name servers (configured automatically). If not you have to find them if its available with VDS (installed within) or you have to ask them :)


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