very new to this so please bear with me
Im having trouble with my Internet browser at random times i cannot view certain pages and sometimes the internet will not let me view any pages and sometimes i can see the pages very strange.
I have put a selective startup and stopped lsass from running because a dos popup was occuring on startup system32/cmd.exe.
Have tried several spyware programs no avail, also when i end my internet session it says the memory ref at a certain location cannot be read.
any hep would be greatly apprecited
thanks in advance

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Try this. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools Menu > Internet Options. Here, click "Programs" tab and click the "Reset Web Settings" button. Click "Apply" and "OK". Restart IE and check whether the problem persist or not.

Also, download alternate browsers like Opera or FireFox (both are free) and check whether web pages appear correctly in those browsers.

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