Hi all. I've been having a problem that no one seems to be able to help out with. When resume from locking my computer I have about a 40-60 second hang before my icons/windows open up. I can see my background while this hang is happening and can move my mouse around (can see the cursor), but nothing else is visible. Even if I don't have any programs open and just log in it hangs. Any suggestions? I'm running windows XP pro on an IBM T42, gig of ram, etc.

I have the same problem if i lock my computer for a long time like overnight or something, so i wouldnt worry it prob just has to sortof wake up. Mine hang is not as long as 40-60 seconds, if you lock your computer for a long time it might be because your memory was being used while the computer was locked so it might just be because now that the actual operating system is being used that there is a shift in wat the system memory is being prioritized to.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure that's it though...I can start my computer and have absolutely no applications running...lock my computer and then try to unlock it immediately after locking and it still hangs that long...