Has cut out a couple of times and left distorted
Not at all sure what to do about it.
Would welcome any help.
Want to take action before it goes altogether.

besides telling us a whole lot more about you computer ,like make and model # type of display adapter it uses ,did you try reinstalling the latest driver for the device

Hi Caperjack.
Machine is Medion Laptop, Model 96290, with 2GB RAM and 120GB Hard Drive.
Purchased in Aug. 2007.
I don't know what type of Display Adapter it uses nor how to install the
latest driver.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

you usually just download them the laptop makers website ,you maker makes harder to do than most ,you need to use the serial number and search for drivers ,it has intel graphic chipset ,if you look on the back of the laptop it should show the serial # and you can either search in the link provided or post serial/number and i can search for you to make sure you get the right one .good luck .

Thanks caperjack.
Also for link.
Having checked the US website I went to the Medion.co.uk site as they are our
nearest neighbours here in Ireland.
I inserted my MSN number - 30006951 - and a long list of driver updates showed up.
Do I need all of these?
Two of the updates were for chipsets.
I would like to keep the machine up to date, and to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal.

my opinion is if not broke don't fix it,so i would just get the display adapter driver

Which one is it, though.
None is listed as "Display Driver".

Which one is it, though.
None is listed as "Display Driver".

sorry ,it would be the VGA driver wim2160.there is 2 there one for windows Vista and one for winxp

Many thanks.
Did that.
Everything seems to be working fine.
Thanks again.

your welcome ,just glad it worked for you ,good luck

Sincere thanks and very best wishes.