Question about Vista Home Premium SP2 ...

I use Oracle VirtualBox, and saved VM snapshots are big (from 100's of MB to multiple GB at times). These are getting saved in both my username directory and in username.V2, and that's taking a lot of space. There's a lot of other duplicate stuff in username.V2 that I don't especially want.

I'm on a home machine, I never access a remote Windows server, I never sync with other devices .. can I just get rid of username.V2? Do I need that for anything?

This happens when a user has a roaming profile which is accessed by a Win XP machine as well as a Vista client. The "v2" is to used isolate Windows Vista roaming user profiles from roaming user profiles created by previous operating systems.

Well for Windows Vista as well as 7, .v2 is used for the roaming profile. V2 separates the profile from Windows XP and other legacy clients' profiles. Go to your profile and remove adjust the profile settings.R Click on Computer and go to manage. Then go to "Local users and groups". Go to your user profile properties. Go to profile and check the settings. You can remove the roaming path if its their.

Is there a way to change it from a roaming profile to a local profile? That seems like it would get me what I want ... I have two different users on this system, one of which is a local profile and has no .V2 folder, the other of which is listed as a roaming profile and does have the .V2 folder.