Ok, I'm a big computer nerd. Worked 3 years as a computer repairman. And I still can't figure this one out. Please help me be my girlfriend's hero here. She's running a wireless connection throgh a Linksys router. She sends her computer to a repair center, the run some amatuer tuneup on it, and now she can't vew any browser based email services.
Heres the symptoms:

1.) She goes to hotmail, tries to login and it gives her the "Page cannot be displayed" bit.
2.) She gets the same thing when trying to update windows.
3.) We both have an online school address run off a Microsoft Email Server accesible through our browser. The server is fine, but she can't access it.

At this point they must have messed up windows somehow. This is what I've done so far.

1.) Updating Windows. (Obviously can't do that.)
2.) Updated Internet Explorer.
3.) Brought down all internet security options
4.) Disable all of Norton Internet Security
5.) Ran a Winsock fix
6.) Adjusted the MTU (found this on a bunch of other threads)

At this point I would have run a windows repair or erased and reloaded, but she's not really computer literate at all. She gets scared if I say the word computer. I can walk her through finding an update or running a program, but anything beyond that is getting to the impossible. Anything you can give me, thank you so much in advance.

Hey Bobamagoo

Have you tried to check the browser security settings.
Go to Tools -> Internet Options.
Click on Security tab and see that it set to internet.
Then click the Privacy tab and check that it not set to the high level,
which you can't do almost anything in that level

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