I was greeted by the notice "One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful" when I started my PC this morning.
What makes Windows make a registry recovery? I want to know because then I can find out a mistake I might have done to cause such an action. Regards...

This problem may have something to do with corrupt file permissions for the ntuser.dat file.
(typically located at c:\Documents and Settings\(username)\ntuser.dat) Ntuser.dat

Try This......

Enable hidden files and folders under tools folder options.

1. Create a new user account with administrative rights .
Navigate to user's profile directory and copy ntuser.dat to a folder named backup on your C: drive.

(e.g for a user named dave: copy c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ntuser.dat to c:\backup)

2. Once you have backed up the ntuser.dat file, overwrite it with the one located in c:\windows\repair\

(example for a user named dave: copy c:\windows\repair\ntuser.dat to c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ )

3. Log off the temporary account you have created and login to the affected user account and let windows fully load up.
This will create a new ntuser.dat file under the user's profile.

4. Once windows has fully loaded up, logout of the affected user's account and login to the temporary account you made earlier.

5. Copy the ntuser.dat file you backed up earlier to the affected user's profile directory overwriting the new file that was created.

(example for a user named dave: copy c:\backup\ntuser.dat to c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ )

6. Log out of the temporary account and log back into the computer under the affected account and see if the problem is fixed.

Good Luck !

Thank you for your advice, but I don't think I'lm intelligent enough to perform those tasks. Anyway, my PC is working without any apparent problems for now and I had justed wanted to learn what would be the probable cause of a registry data recovery action.