Hi there,
My computer has suddenly started not doing a number of odd things. I have not loaded new software or changed any settings recently that i can think of.
I have Windows XP Home. IE6. The original Service Pack 1 that came with the laptop.
I have run the housecall virus scan from trendmicro and adaware SE. Nothing special showed up. As far as i know i have all the current critical microsoft patches.
My problems are-
when first loading i get an error report box saying there is a problem with HPWirelessMgr Module. As far as i know i have no HP Wireless products. I googled this with no helpful results.
When i try to click on a link in IE that is supposed to open in a new window then nothing happens. I also can not choose to open a new window. I noticed a thread there with a similar problem and i ran all the regsvr32 things and it acknowledged them all but nothing is fixed.
I also can not drag & drop in windows explorer. I can't highlight multiple files. If i choose to copy and then paste nothing happens.
If i click on the shortcut on my desktop to connect to the internet nothing happens. I have to go into IE and choose to connect from within the browser.
i think that's all!!
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Woah sounds like your laptop is messing up bad..

Ok, for your opening a link in a new window: I always use the ctrl+shift method, where you hold ctrl+shift and click the link you want to open in a new window

As for your HP wireless prob, check you have no floppys/cds/dvds/wireless cards in your laptop when you startup. Then check your installed programs list by going to start-->control panel--> add or remove programs.

As for the rest of your problems, I dont know how to help you there :/


Is it possible that Service Pack 2 was installed through automatic updates and this could be causing your problems? I've heard of some weird errors when SP2 was installed on existing systems (i.e. not a fresh install or close to it).


thanks for the help, I'll check those things out. Sometimes computers just make me sooo angry! I wish i could figure them out!

Seems like a SPYWARE problem. Download and run either Adaware or Spybot and see whether you still get the same error messages or not.

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