I have a new Compaq Presario Desktop computer that uses the Windows Vista Home Premium OS. When I finish reading my email messages (in Earthlink WebMail) I would like to play a game offline but don't know how to disconnect from the Internet to do so. From the START menu, I see the options Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down. Which one should I click that would get me offline and yet not turn off the computer. Any help is welcome. Thank you.


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the option to disconnect is under the network/sharing centre in control panel.

Thanks, jbennet! I'll try that. But it's really too bad that there isn't some shortcut that I could place on my desktop rather than having to go through the Control Panel. Do you know of any other way? Thank you.


in xp (not sure about vista) there should be an icon in your system tray which you can right click

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