Hello, I am having a problem on the new PC that I just purchased and I hope someone here can help me.
ok, I am having a problem logging on to my bank via internet banking. It seem that I can put in my acct # and then it will ask for my password, I will put that in , press enter and the page sends me back to the acct # login page then password page ...etc in a vicious loop.
I have spoken with tech support for bank and they say that their servers re showing my acct as loged in, yet I cannot see my bank register on the screen. Can someone help ?

Also, I cannot log on to a forum site for my website host. I can log in to the web host page for other information, yet when I try to access the forums page I can not get past the sign in page( wont let me write ID or Password. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MJ Barr

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Hi and welcome to the Daniweb forums :).

Try deleting all your browser cookies and attempt the login process again.


It may also be worth trying a very secure banking encryption that some banks are using called 'Trusteer' This may ease the login problems.

I am also aware that sometimes (I live in France and bank in the uk) I have to use the top line of numbers and not he number pad as the keyboard coding is not always able to pass on the exact correct codes f you use the number pad on a french keyboardThis may apply to other countries.


sound to me like a browser popup issue ,after you put in the password and hit enter its sees the next page as a popup and closes it .

if you are using Internet Explorer as you browse,open IE ,go to tools/internet options/general/ go down to Tabs/settings/go down to when a popups is encountered and check of to open popup in a new tab.good luck


Hi, Thanks for the replies. I have deleted cookies,and I am fairly sure that the top row #s and side #'s are not the problem , and I have looked at IE /options...etc and double checked my pop up settings.
My gut feeling is that it could be some sort of video setting, but I could be wrong. I will continue to moniter and try any other options someone might suggest.


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