Does anyone have the problem of your pointer popping to the right corner of the screen when in use?
This happens to all the computers int my office. I have checked the pointer settings and everything seems normal. I think this started after the last windows update.
Any info would help.

Try reinstalling the mouse drivers. I've seen this problem before, but it mainly happens with laptop touchpads.

it happens to mine to but not a touchpad!! Really annoying too!

I re installed all the mouse drivers and still the same prob.

More info required.

What operating system is being used? (Same on all affected PC's???)
What type of mouse? (Same on all affected PC's???)
Are you using Microsoft Intellipoint or Intellimouse software? If so, is the same software (and version) used on all affected PC's?
If it's happening to all computers in your office, are they networked to a common server?
What companion Microsoft software is being used (ie., Office)? (Same on all affected PC's ???)

When did the problem first start and was it the same on all PC's immediately?

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