We just put together a computer for a friend of ours. Everything worked fine when we gave it to her, and she checked it out again at her parents. But when she started it back at school it went through the check disk for errors then the monitor shut off. (she had shut it down correctly before she transported it) She has since started it several times and the monitor shuts off as soon as the check disk for errors finishes.
She had left it in her car over night but let it warm up to room temp before trying to start it.
I can't even begin to think what it might be, since the monitor does show the boot sequence and the check disk screen. But I am not sure why it started with the check disk the first time she started it, and then why the monitor is shutting off. Any suggestions?

Have you tried with a different monitor? That could be the problem, and that is where i would start troubleshooting.

I would say the video card is having a problem ... perhaps it got lose as it was being transported?

We used a different monitor when we had it at our house, but she used this same monitor at her dad's and it worked fine then so we are not sure why it is not working now.

Maybe Chkdsk is finding problems with the graphics drivers, maybe uninstalling them, and reinstalling them might help.