Windows Defender, Windows Download Manager,Windows Desktop Manager,Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, Problem Reports etc. have all stopped working.... and now I'm only using Internet Explorer....
My computer have a virus yesterday named Win32....
I think I used Windows Defender to remove it or somthin but i'm not so sure.
Help! :@

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First thing are you able to go into Safe Mode With Networking.

If yes go into safe mode with networking and then follow these steps
1) delete all temp files
2) run malwarebytes and hitman pro scan
3) if required run superantisypware scan
4) uninstall unwanted softwares from the computer
5) reset Internet Explorer
6) restart the computer in normal mode

BINGO it should work fine.............

If you are unable to start the computer in Safe mode then try to repair the windows and then follow the above steps


yey! im in safe mood now. Can I just be in safemood forever? haha.
*serious* so... how bout I just system restore all of it?


thanks just deleted the stupid undeleted virus and scanned my laptop..
though I'm not quite sure if it's enough to recover all of the things it damaged
I know a lot about how to make viruses and all but I can't take it off my computer...
Thanks a lot whoever u are.......

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