I am running Windows98 SE.

My problem is that my Volume Control is non operative. When I click on "Multimedia Devices " in Control Panel the "Mixer Device" Tab tells me I have "No Audio Device".

The Tabs Volume, Audio and Voice are "Greyed out" and I cant remedy the problem.

I have gone through the Help troubleshooter and when I open "Volume Control" i get the message "There is no active mixer devices available".

I have more information to tell. But this is the basic problem. I cannot seem to find any solutions online and I have misplaced my Win98 Installation Disk.

I feel like I'm stuck.

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Sounds like you need to reinstall you sound card drivers .!

Thanks, Caperjack. That appears to have worked!

I'm still getting no response to anything associated with audio. Applications are telling "Audio driver not opened. Audio functions disabled."

I guess this explains why I have not cd-rom, no level control and no sounds playback at all!

How can I remedy this? Still don't have my Windows installation disk.

maybe you need to go to device manager ,right click on mycomputer properties/device manager ,are there any red or yellow makes indicating bad devices ,see if the cdrom shows in there ,delete it if it does ,also check in there for sound device ,delete it also if you have adisk with drivers for it ,then reboot computer and reload drivers .

Thanks, Caperjack.

I was able to find my cdrom drivers and have reinstalled them. Still no sound. I'm also seeing conflicts that include wan miniport, acpi, and the mouse port. (?)

I guess we'll have to take this one step at a time. I appreciate your help thus far.
I'm not having any success with finding windows audio drivers on the web (combed several sites thus far) is there such a set of drivers or an application?

The most recent post was 3/1. My issues are still ongoing. Can anyone assist me?

I have now reinstalled, uninstalled and now have removed and reinstalled all of the involved components and I cannot get anything to work. No cdrom, no sound, no Windows Audio at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

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