Hi I have a Windows 98 SE When I go to screen area and move the arrow to 800 600 pixels it wont stay, it goes back to 640 480
I have a Authentic AMD
AMD-K6tm w/multimedia extensions
On display properties
IBM 6331 E54 on Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI I am not very technical minded hopes this helps. How can I get it to stay on 800 600 please

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Did you click 'Apply'?

Yes I did, and ok.

Hi I click apply and ok still nothing happend How can I get pixels to stay at 800 600 someone please help thanks very much.

I'm a bit stumped I have to admit. It seems strange that the system is correctly identifying monitor and display card, yet still exhibiting such behaviour. Are you sure that the monitor is actuall an IBM 6331 as reported?

Perhaps you could try locating and reinstalling a device driver for the Cirrus Logic display card?

IPerhaps you could try locating and reinstalling a device driver for the Cirrus Logic display card?

Yes, try that. I've seen exactly what you describe happen even when Device Manager reports that the video card is functioning and the correct driver is in use. Downloading and installing a new copy of the driver driver solved the problem.

Hi Thanks for your help, I will install a new driver. Where is the best place to get driver and is it free, and is it easy to do? Thanks

A good place to find all kinds of drivers, especially drivers for older versions of Windows, is www.driverguide.com. You do have to register with them in order to download from their site, but the registration and downloads are free, and they won't use your email to flood you with spam.

I checked, and Driverguide does have Win 98 drivers for the CL-5446 chip. They have a few different versions though; I'd try the latest version first.

I have downloaded driver, have pixels 600 800!.
Thanks Catweasle and DMR for your help.

You're welcome; glad we help. :)

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