Ok, I used to have my pc all nice and happy, then when I reformated my PC today, (Which I do about once a month due to lots of issues) Windows is showing up with only 2 harddrives, yet I have 4. Please help me, all my reformatting tools are on that drive!

Did you check the jumpers? if your jumpers are good then check your device manager and if it is listed in the harddirve list remove it and re-install it and then format it with windows by going in MS-DOS prompt

Hope This Helps
-Zach Boyce

Well, erm... everything is fine now, I have my 2 hard drives in a, oh, whats is called......I think it's a "WinXP Promise Ultra133TX2 (tm) IDE Controller", I just pulled out the IDE cable, and put it in the other IDE Port, and now It see's my other drives (YAY!). Well thanks for (erm nothing?) lol.

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