Hello, im having a svchost.exe problem, performance issues and my computer revs up like its about to take off...it is older and only has 1 gb of ram and 37 gb of hard drive space, and I know it probably has to be replaced, but im trying to get some more life out of it, I maintain this computer with avira,malwarebytes often...any help would be greatly appreciated, I can post any information needed..thank you

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One surefire (although drastic) solution is a wipe and reload of the operating system. If you've had significant problems with viruses/malware in the past or have installed and uninstalled large amounts of software this could help.

Another approach would be disabling unnecessary programs from your startup sequence. WARNING: only disable programs you know you don't need. If you're uncertain about this techniques effects, ask a technician before proceeding. You may also want to try CCleaner to remove any temporary files, although this normally does little for your system's performance.


Run the task manager and see if there is a process "wscript.exe", if yes then end that process and remove the infected files from the system32 folder, but be careful deleting some files from there may affect your OS. You can clean up your disk to improve the performance a little bit. All the best.


sounds like you need a new pc. svchost can be used in a number of ways and most of the time legit purposes. however virus creators use this file as well in order to trick you to let it run.. you can run stinger to make sure its not a virus. some of the free av solutions don't pick this up, like avg. so go to google and type mcafee stinger , its a free download and can check if this is a virus or not. if its not a virus problem i would go with dmanw suggestion and just reload the system with xp. when you have a system with that low of available resources they can unknownly get eatin up. you could start manually cleaning up, uninstall programs, clean registry etc but in the end it would be faster just to backup and do a clean install of the OS.

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