My computer right now have quite a handful of problems. Which isn't so bad for me, since I am a person that like fixing comps and whatnot. However time usually make it hard to fix it. What's worse is that this one is a really big problem with me, because it make me not access an internet browser. I have FF and IE. Clicking on either one bring up a crash box right when the browser start up, and the strange thing about the message is that apparently it's some unknown cause. I checked with several different things, Malware Bytes, firewall (castle defender I think, it's Window 7's firewall), spybots, and one other thing, and they all say nothing is wrong. I then start to experiment with some other way to access the internet which lead up to trying to update, I think it was on Microsoft update, and it gave me an error code. This code is 8024402c and I have checked the Microsoft page on this and have looked for things. However due to time I'm extremely limited on chances to fix this problem without some help. I do have a few more options that I just found out, but I'm extremely hesitant that they will work.

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