I have a Vaio laptop and it won't start anymore. It'll start up to the screen where it says "starting windows" then it freeze and have a little glich line on the top of the screen. I've tried to reboot it but it doesnt seem to work. I tried using the f-keys and i can't get to safe mode. If anyone knows how to fix it please help me.

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No replies mate thats no good. Lets see what we can do here.

Why cant you get into safe mode normally press f8 im going to assume you have the same problem. In which case i would recommend trying safe mode with VGA mode just incase it is your graphics card or drivers.

If that fails try using BARTPE its a bootable windows environment to attempt to repair windows and reinstall drivers you will need to look around and see if you can find what is causing the problem, if that doesnt work i would accuse your graphics card in some way.

Alternatively you can repair windows.


try to remove your ram and clean the ram , if it's out of warranty .. it may work


can you boot into advanced startup with f8 and choose last known good configuration and if that doesn't work try safe mode with networking and once into windows choose to restore to a last known good boot.

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