We develop software programs. Our program crashes consistently on the Windows 7 PC used by one of our software testers. But, it only crashes when that user is logged on, and only on this PC. It never crashes when a different user is logged on. My feeling is there is a problem with his Windows profile. The user logs onto our domain, not the local computer. My question is, how do I replace his profile? I know how to create the new profile, and copy the old profile to the new one, but since I can't create the new profile with the same name as the old one, how do I connect the new profile with his domain ID? Is that taken care of when the old profile is copied to the new profile? Does it make any difference that the profile name doesn't match the user name?
Thanks for any input.

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It does not matter if the profile name matches the domain user name. If you copy the most important items in this user's profile such as the docs, shortcuts, favorites, etc.., then just delete the profile from this computer. Then have the user log on again a new user profile will be created. No worries about "connecting" this to the user's domain account. That is not an issue. When the user logs in, just copy back the docs, shortcuts, etc... to the new profile.


Okay, that was too logical. That's what I need. I was looking at it backwards! Thanks for the help.

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