The computer I am working on has a rather common issue that I've seen several times among friends classmates and a few coworkers.

Computer is running Windows 7 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM.
User is a domain user.

The user experienced issues that entailed to removing the profile from the computer such as not connecting correctly to locations, extended periods of running the log-on scripts, and issues navigating the computer in administrative locations. Under another user on this same computer, I have access to everything that the other user didn't. Went to another workstation that I had the user log into and then his folders and account access was allowing him to the servers and files he needed. On the original station, still nothing.

So we are at two different options.

1) Format the HDD and reinstall the OS and all software needed then reconnect to the domain and add in his profile.

2) Remove the user profile from the computer.

Trying to remove the profile and the only locations I found are:
User Profile Account: Control Panel > User Accounts > (Select user) click delete
User Profile Folder: C:\Users\(Current User) right-click select delete

Now upon removing these two items, we tried logging back into the account and the following happens:

1) Preparing desktop is displayed
2) New desktop icons and alignment
3) Message appears noting that the account was not able to be logged in correctly and was thus logged in as a *TEMP* user.
4) log of the user and log back in, 1-3 occur again and again.

This is the main issue. If I'm not able to remove a user profile easily from this computer, I might as well scrap it and rebuild it from head to toe. Any ideas on where else windows has hidden something that is retaining the profile?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Re: Windows User Issues 80 80

Now looking back at this again, I found my answer.

Required steps:
1) Remove User Profile Account: Control Panel > User Accounts > (Select user) click delete
2) Remove User Profile Folder: C:\Users\(Current User) right-click select delete
3) Start run box and type Regedit
4) Delete the required Key and Key-Folder

Where to go to find User Profile Key-Folders

Navigate to the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
Under ProfileList to view binary key’s like this S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxx

To Identify which Key-Folder is which User

On the right side under ProfileImagePath you’ll see the username and profile path.
Chose the one with the desired user.

Referance: Microsoft Answers LINK

Re: Windows User Issues 80 80

This is one of many fundamental reasons why it is a bad idea to use the Administrator account as a daily user account. Imagine having to delete it, or cleanup something like this.

I ran across such a case a couple months ago, and it was a headache converting from Administrator to a user with administrative privs.

Re: Windows User Issues 80 80

To me that would actually be rather simple depending upon the OS. But my question is how would that have any material pertaining to this relative issue?

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