HI all, quick questiona bout a laptop I would like to buy for my parents, a dell 15, i3 processor, 4gb ram and windows 8.
Now, I have absolutely no experience at all with wondows 8 and I was wondering if anybody can let me know whether it is worth buying the laptop or not, if 4gb ram is enough for windows 8 to run smoothly etc. One more thing, my parents are used to windows vista, whether that's a good thing or not it doesn't matter really, so I wonder how different is window 8 from vista?
Here's the laptop spec where you can get an idea http://www.techdesigns.co.uk/dell-inspiron-15-review/ although it has windows 8 and not 7

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I managed to get the model, it's a dell inspiron 5520. I was thinking about the 3520, but the former has a better processor


Windows 8 is different
because of that there is a lot of negative opinions out here.
I have been trying to figure it out for a while now - only playing with it
Actually, it isn't all that bad. There r some good things about it and for some ppl it might work better. It is definitely a touch screen OS being more clumbsy for a mouse.

Since I have been able to put gadgets in W7 format back on the desktop most of my objections r gone. For me, it is not as efficient as W7 but it is tolerable.

I would assume u have a W7 downgrade option but I would wait to see how ur parents feel about it after a few weeks. Make sure they have a "How do I do this" resource handy.

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Im using WIndows 8 pro on my laptop, which has 4GB RAM, and a single core 2.1 GHz CPU, and that isnt high powered, and it runs very smooth, definately worth it. When i first loaded office 2010 on, it was so quick loading word up that i didnt see the splash screen at all, and thats fast! no doubt your i3 CPU is more powerful than mine, so go for it! if you find you do need more memory, you can go to http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/ and do a system scan which will determine if you can upgrade the amount of RAM you have, it will tell you what you have, and what you can upgrade to. Good luck, and happy new year!

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