So I'm watching a video on Youtube one day, all of a sudden the video stopped but I still heard the audio for 3 seconds after, but then the audio stopped. I then closed the Internet Explorer window and tried to open it again, but it couldn't open. I tried restarting my computer, but my computer wouldn't let me click the start button. i tried clicking it a few times and then the bottom part of the browser (the part with the taskbar and start button.) turned white and i couldn't click on ANYTHING there. I then tried clicking on something on my desktop, but then the desktop turned white and I couldn't click on anything! The wierd part about this is, it doesn't even happen at a specific time. It just happens randomnly. I then had to shut down my computer by pressing the power button. (I heard that wasn't a good way of shutting it off.) Someone please help, this is really annoying me since I need to turn my computer on and off and on and off so many times!

If you boot into Windows Safe mode do you encouter the the issues? Have you recently swapped out any hardware, changed drivers, etc?

commented: when I go into safe mode, no i don't encounter any of it, and none of my computer parts have changed since i bought it. It has always stayed the same since then +0

As per your comments, if it doesnt happen in safe mode, that means that there is some software, drivers, service, etc... That is loading in normal mode that is causing the issue. If you know when this started, you can try a restore to a known good restore point. If not, you'll have to start figuring out what is loading and causing this trouble.

commented: how do i restore to a point? +0

What JorgeM said notwithstanding (good advice/comments), the randomness indicates to me that this is likely a hardware problem, such as overheating of system components. If a hard shutdown (hold down power button until system stops), wait (10-15 minues), and then a restart works (for awhile), then I think that will be pretty indicative of the case for a hardware problem - send it in for service.

I agree with JorgeM, the symptoms described show that explorer.exe is not responding.
This can be due to a virus or a driver misbehaving or some other software "glitch".
If it was overheating then mouse would be also frozen and it wouldn't only cause explorer.exe to stop responding (browsers tend to freeze when windows explorer does.)

My advice to the OP: Next time everything turns white, press Alt+ Ctrl + Del, select Task Manager. In the Task Manager window, select Processes tab, click Show processes from all users, find and select explorer.exe. Note CPU usage and memory and post them here.
To try to recover your PC -if possible - click the End process button and confirm in the following prompt. You'll probably see taskbar and start menu disappear, but that's normal. In Task Manager select File/ New Task (Run...) and type explorer.exe
After you've clicked OK it might take a couple of secs, but everything should change back to normal.

commented: like I said though, when it freezes, I'm not able to open the task manager or even do ctrl + alt + delete +0

To answer the how do I restore question:
Go Start/All programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore and follow the wizard.

Have you run a virus scan?