My IE8 has suddenly started hanging on "Connecting" and will not connect at all. I have a good connection for mail etc, so line is working good.
I have cleaned out temp internet files,history,etc. Reset all IE settings to default. Checked that Proxy server box is not ticked in LAN settings. Run Malwarebytes which returns clean result.

Cannot think what has caused this as I have not made any changes, it just happened at opening of IE.

System is XP Pro.SP3 and Office 2003 Pro SP2 .

Help would be very much appreciated.


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Hello, James From Redskyproductions here, I would first say, Have you checked anyother broswers? If so which ones? You can do a clean install of the internet Explorer? Remove it with RevoUninstaller, and then try again + Try with a diffrent Internet scource.


If you think the problem is browser specific, go to the IE tools, options, advanced tab. You can click on the reset button. This will reset all of the browser settings back to default.


I agree with looking at other browsers. IE tends to be full of goodies but this can lead to problems. Simpler Browsers (too many to name!) can be more reliable.
Have you also cleaned the registry lately?

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