I bought a HP p6644y desktop last week running Windows 7...hooked everything up and it works fine. Connected my Lexmark X5470 printer to it, drivers were automatically downloaded and installed. For a couple of days, the printer worked normally. Yesterday, however, I attempted tp print a Word document, and the job just sat in the cue waiting to print. After trying every remedy, I eventually uninstalled and re-instaled the printer. I even used the original disc that came with the printer. None of this worked. Whenever I go to print, the menu panel says 'no printer installed'. When I try to correct this, I get a pop-up telling me that communication with printer is unavailable.

I've checked all my connections and unplugged and re-plugged the printer back in. All connections are fine. I tried switching USB ports, too.

What else can I try? Thanks!

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have you looked in the spool directory? windows32/system/spool/name of printer.... I assume you have but if there is corrupted file at the top of the queue that can give the symptoms you describe and the cure its to delete anything in that printers spool file queue.
( it could also be an electrical fault with the printer)


Obviously the issue is coming from the end user's computer. I would check for reinstalling the driver first of all but you have to delete it completely:
Windows XP adds a user interface feature to delete driver files so the steps for Windows 2000 and earlier are no longer necessary. To delete printer driver
files in Windows XP:

list of 3 items
• Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes.
• On the File menu, click Server Properties.
• On the Drivers tab, click the printer driver that you want to delete, and then click Remove.
Reinstall it .

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