my folder option is missing from tools..only driver network such 3 things are present in tools tab..m using xp 2006.......

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Get a good anti-virus and boot scan your system, then use RRT (Restriction Removal Tool) to bring back your folder option tool.

There is no need to boot scan the computer, just install Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP 32/86 bit, update it and scan Windows drive, at last Run Windows File Protection from registry editor or just type Windows File protection in Help and Support center in your windows XP, it will ask for XP CD, insert your Windows XP CD. After completion Folder Options will be back to its place. Download Microsoft Security essentials from the following link:
I think this will solve the problem and it's because of virus, avoid running pen-drives without scanning and try to insert them in Unix based Operating Systems.

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It will be a value that has been added under these two keys that is blocking the Folder Options listing:

The value is NoFolderOptions; rclick on that value and choose delete in both keys.
It may have been introduced by malware... an MBAM [gurgle it] scan will solve that.

I attach some gadget..It can be help to you if you not going to use virus guard.but is not a virus guard

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