A few months ago I was getting blue screens and crashes constantly and always while a youtube video was playing. I forget exactly now where I found it but something said video and suggested I role back the driver, so I did. It stopped crashing as much but still does on videos ot other load situations. It also sometimes will not boot, at least the video portion. It looks like the hard drive is trying to load stuff but nothing on the screen, so I keep trying and sooner or later it will start. Sometimes it does boot first try, I've never heard of this happening before and thought you might have a suggestion as to what is going on with this thing. It's a rather old beast with 1.7ghz and 512 mb ram. maybe it's just old and tired? I really don't have the cash for a replacement so if you could help out I would certainly appreciate it. Win 7 ultimate, this computer was a gift. I'm writing my first website and surely do need it. Thanks for any input.

hi,this a common problem with rather old beast ,instead of roll back drivers ,try getting the latest video drivers from the makers website ,also try and get more ram for it as 512 is not alot.the make and model would have been good info to add to you post .

The fact that its a gift matters not ,as even Gifted computers fail ,pun intended

It had the latest driver and made it crash, I'll just use it till it starts on fire I guess. I'm not even sure of manufacturer, It's a big tower case that sounds like a Cessna comming in. I think it has seen better days, thanks anyway.

windows 7 have high graphics, and it's recommended RAM is 1 gb..since you run it on 512 mb, u need to lower down all the visual effects , so that there is less load on the graphics processor.
btw, u get that error bcs the graphics memory runs out of space

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