I spent a day this week trying to uninstall Ubuntu and reinstalling xp.

I used both gparted to delete the linux partion and linux's fdisk m d. I even did full ntfs format in xp install. I used two different xp cds of different xp versions.

Both would copy the install files then reboot. On reboot, with first xp version, it just said cannot load OS; similarly, with second xp version, it just blinked at me indefinitly. Or on this reboot after file copy, if I hit any key to boot from cd, it would just spin the cd disc and nothing would happen for twenty minutes.

Am I missing some step to uninstall linux grub2? Should I hit a key on this reboot or not. Should I just wait for two hours for machine to awaken and continue the xp install?

The machine used to run xp fine.

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