Hello All,

I have window vista in my desktop. Whenever I start my computer after booting always open a dialogue box for three time with different messeges.
1) window\system32\Adobe\shockw~1\netbt.pif Window could not load or run this file

when i searched in similar folder for this file there was n't . I have no idea why this netbt.pif used in computer.searching over internet no information related this.

2) system\32\drivers\en-us\nv_app.com

3) EULALauncher.exe Application error

About all of them i dont know anything ? Can I download them form internet .Is my computer safe?
Please guide me ....

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You could try running a registry cleaning program, or delete the applications that are trying to run, like adobe shockwave for example. Or run a virus scan that cleans up the registry as well. Or mess around with your MSconfig and prevent these programs from starting up and searching for these missing pieces.

There are lots of things that you can do, but probably the best one is to run a system restore back to the point where you didn't have problems, and/or wipe and load the system to get rid of all of these for sure, but that's if you don't care much for the data that is currently on it.


yes i will delete adobe shockwave ....... and i will run a scan that clean up my computer..

thanx for the reply..


if its not ok after your reconfiguration you should boot with safe mood.
try it with safe mode and defragment is better to you after clean your registry


Sadun what about if I defragment without safe mood?


No.... I don’t think so.... because safe mood and defragment are totally different form each other and I suggested you to do safe mood because of some secondary action not used in their....
Actually defragment not the answer for that question but its can speed your system even 0.01% ;-)
Anyway some kind of files issue can be solve through disk defragment ..
So that why I told boot your PC with safe mood and do the disks defragment to your PC

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