Hi all,
As a part of my job i need to run some dictionary in my native language. But when i clicking the setup icon , a dialogue box shows that Run-time Error 429. "ActiveX Component can't create Object.". There is some other problems with .dll files in my pc. but they are not lethal. plz help me

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Did you already read this article?
Pprobably the installer is asking for a DCOM component that is a requirement before the setup, but the DCOM is not already installed, or the version is not the right one.

On the referenced article there are many things to check.
Hope this helps.


Hi lolafuertes,
That article is discribing about server computers. I am using a single pc with xp sp 2. so i think that article is helpless.


The DCOM ( Distributed Component Object Model ) uses a server (provider) object and a client (consumer) one.
So you can use Excel as a DCOM server and a C# application as client, both running in the same computer.

I know that the article is quiet outdated but the principes are right.

Your software is using som external DCOM provider like AdobeReader or Adobe Writer, or any Office program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) or IE, or any third party element that, on the target computer, is missing or has an incompatible, possible outdated, version.

Please, review the dependencies on your project dependencies and in the setup, to verify the required dll and/or exe and the right versions.

Hope this helps

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