I have a desktop which I cant get started, when i try to it has a message saying "we apologise for the inconvenience,
but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this, giving then a list
of startup options, safe mode, safe mode wth netw, safe mode wth command, last config, and normally, when i try safe mode
any option it gives a long list about multi partition system 32, I could post that if it helps.
On last config or start normally i just get a black screen over and over again. I dont have the any disk or cd repair
for the computer, or money to pay for a repair techinician. I dont know that much about this stuff, so if anyone could
help with simple to follow advice I would be over the moon. I havent installed anything recently.
the other day i did i advanced system care v5 scan and while scanning it showed trojan entries but when it finished it
said nothig detected, i also ran malware bytes scan and it had some cookies on it which i removed but didnt say
anything about a trojan. do you think this can be caused my malware thats hiding in there, and how can i get it out
if i cant loadup windows???

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xp? if yes, you should choose "start windows normally".

What happens you choose the option to start Windows normally? Does it crash?

Without recovery CDs, or the OS CD with Serial number, your options are limited:

1) Try to boot into Safe Mode, then launch the System Restore. Restore back to a date when your computer was working normally.

2) If there is no budget, you could always download a free version of linux and run a free copy of an "Office" alternative. However, if you are familiar with Windows, there is a slight learning curve there.

yes tls a xp professional, when i try to start windows normally i just get a black screen, same thing with the last configuration. i am able to get the windows advanced options menu up, tried the reboot from there but got the same black screen again, im not familiar with this menu and dont know what other options might work. on safemode this long list just pops up on the screen but i cant write or do anything there....

is anyone familiar with the advanced options menu commands, enable boot logging, enable VGA mode, directory services restore mode, debugging mode, disable automatic restart on system failure???

to clarify futher when i press the safe mode this is what shows up,

I have no idea what that means, but thats it, that fills the screen

jorge m, i cant buy linux right now, and how can i download anything on the desktop if i cant get it to start???

It sounds like a software issue but there may be an errant piece of hardware in there causing problems. If you are competent enough to remove the hardware and clean out the dust that may be causing overheating problems, that may help. Unplug it first and wait until the LED on the motherboard goes dark. Start by removing the RAM chips and any PCI cards that are there. Use compressed(canned) air to blow the dust from everywhere you can see it especially between the front cover and the case where the air intake is. Be careful not to touch the electronic components, use the edges or frames to handle them. Unplug the HDD(s) cables from both ends and make sure you use the same ends to plug it back in if it is IDE.
Be careful not to bend any pins when you reinstall things. If you are not very experienced with hardware leave the CPU alone just clean the heat sink and fans with qtips and canned air. What brand of computer is it? did it come with a restore partition? Since it is Windows XP it is likely more than 5 years old so anything you do may help but you likely need a new computer. Start saving your nickels and dimes. If none of the cleaning helps or you have a different problem when you put it back together, it likely is a hardware issue. If you have the same problem when it is all clean and back together, try re-installing Windows from the restore partition. Try the F12 key when you first turn it on. If you had another computer to use you could try sucking your files off the HDD first with a little USB to IDE/SATA cable device. they are pretty cheap. But here forwarned is forearmed backup, backup, backup! If you can reinstall from the restore partition use the option to reformat the drive and start fresh.
Another option would be to go to the Public Library in your area and search for a Linux Users Group. There may still be one around. The could help you get a copy of Suse 12.0 and even install it. It is pretty seamless these days.
Try looking at it as a learning experience rather than a last ditch effort to salvage your old computer. Good Luck!


With regard to the output you see when you boot into safe mode, that's normal. the information is not particular helpful for most situations. If nothing happens after the information presented, that's not good. There is something that is preventing the OS from starting even in safe mode.

The next best option is to use an XP CD and try a recovery operation so that Windows will repair any corrupt files. If that doesnt work, you would just wipe the drive and reinstall the OS. You mentioned that you do not have an XP CD, so that option is out.

The only remaining thing I can think of was for you to download a FREE version of linux so that at least you can have a working computer. However, LInux is not Windows and you would need to be a bit flexible to adapt to a different operating system. This is not the best choice for most people, but it is a valuable option.

If this Desktop is a Dell or HP, or some other manufacturer, you can most likely order recovery CDs or download them at no cost. That is the best option at this time.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, i did the cleaning and that didnt help, but then when i used the option to stop automatic reboot at windows menu cause i read that might tell me what the problem is, it mysteriously just went back on and loaded windows, back in. updated spybot avast and malwarebytes and scanned the heck out of it it found alltypes of smaller nasties and fixed, but then spybot said it could not remove a something called W3i.IQ5.fraud which had 20 entries, without shutting down, and restarting. Just did that and windows was doing some voodoo with CHKDSK verifying files and defragging files. After that it popped up a black screen saying system 32 something command prompt with white lines of text popping through it that was happening pretty fast so i didnt have time to read it, then that command prompt window disappeared and now I have a black screen with spybot check in progress saying please stand by. ..... Waiting with baited breath what is gonna happen next.
OH, and yes the computer is mature politely speaking and an ACER.

keep us posted, also check with Acer on the recovery CDs or ISOs that you can download. Recovery to the default instalation would be good if you dont have any data that you need off that computer. A recovery will put your computer in the state that it was when you first bought it.

will do, spybots at 459670 out of total 824276 to check, blows how many nasties there is to go through, seems like some ppl have nothing better to do than to mess with peoples lives anynomously from afar so you cant even confront the weirdo. If this dont work ill have to buy some sticks to back up, cause i got a lot of important files on there, and all my damn music too..

Hi, I have the same issue (I have an AMD x2 64 - at least I think so, I'm not very good at remembering such technical details - and Windows XP professional) .

At first I tried "bootcfg /rebuild" (it helped someone else fixing it) after booting from CD, but it couldn't perform the operation beacause of a "corrupt filesystem". Then I ran chkdsk as suggested in the message and bootcfg again, but I get the same response.

Is there anything left I can do before being forced to format my computer?

Sorry for double posting, but performing "chkdsk /r" actually worked: at the eventual reboot it turned on safe mode, so I managed to restore the system to a previous checkpoint.

Hope it helps you too, Seah247

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