so i had a little problem with hjsplit which is error:I/O 123 but before finding the solution for the error (which is simply changing the folder name) i made things worst i chose to "open with" "media player" and that changed the file name from avi.001, avi.002 to avi only then i tried fixing it by choosing open with hjsplit TT but it didn't fix anything. and i opened my other folders and all of them shanged to the same thing. i tried changing the name as it was but nothing happened and hjsplit isn't recognising it. help please i have tons of files like that. (obviously i'm not good with computers)

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HJSplit will obviously not work with the .avi extension only, you will have to rename the files back to .avi.001 .avi.002 etc, only then HJSplit will be able to join them back

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