ok so basically the title says it all, but i'll tell u what happened so i was trying to delete this file and kept getting access denied so i changed the name and it still wouldn't work, then i keep hitting the delete button and then i change how to open the file cause it was an application and i hit always open on notepad, and then the file deleted and like most of the applications i opened, opened in notepad except internet explorer.

So how do i fix this problem????

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...then i change how to open the file cause it was an application and i hit always open on notepad...

Do you know the extension of the deleted file's name? It would definitely help to know if the file was an .exe, .com, .lnk (shortcut), etc. file.


oh it's ok i already figured out what to do and it was an .exe

So how did you do it cuz i'm having the same exact problem. Or if anyone else knows and can help me it was a exe file


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