I recently upgraded to Windows7,from Vista. When we opened the box, there were two discs. I wanted to install the 64bit version. When we inserted the disk into the drive it said it couln't install as there was Vista 32bit on the
laptop. So after looking around in the Microsoft helps, and reading something about installing from the CD something
clicked and so I looked up how to boot from the CD, so you hold the right "F" key when starting the computer. Then go into the "bios" to change the boot sequence. Then with the disk in the drive. Start the computer Then "Viola" it worked, just follow the directions and you have a clean install, and a lot faster
computer. You are warned that you need to backup all your data before you do this as the harddrive will be formatted
for the new system. This was done on a four year old Acer laptop. You may need to lookup how to change the boot sequence on your computer, by going into the "bios". I did research here to see if any posts had been made on this
topic. I really didn't have time to go through 1500 posts. HTH someone.

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hi,not sdure i see a question in you post ,sound like a statement to ,me ,do you have a question or just posting a kind of how to !


Hi both of you are right, this is a how to post. We didn't know where to post a "how to post." If you all know where to post this type of post just let me know and we will post it
to the proper place. Thanks for replying. Lynn B.

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