I am really very upset .

I have window xp and IE. When i try to open Internet exploar it shows a error report.
'IE can not open ' send error report.then close window

I decided to install new browser to my laptop by using run command. I type http://www.firefox.com but then same happened everytime IE window display with error report and close it.
In control pannel there is no programm file of IE if want to remove this program from my laptop.

I try two options to running it
1) right click on my computer->properties->advanced-> error reporting prob->disable

2)control panel -> Internet option-> advanced-> reset

none of option working

Please guide me what i do

I am using another computer of my friend i have only laptop at my home.
can i download it from internt and using usb into my laptop ?
thanks in advance

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You can try running internet explorer with no add ons to see if it's something that ie is using. It's under start > accessories > system tools.

You can also try uninstalling ie and reinstalling using windows update but I don't remember where to click in xp without seeing it.

Edit: IE 8 is under add/remove programs in my XP VM, check there. If it's IE9, you may need to check the show updates check box.

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I tried it but same problem again.. Internet Exploar is not starting

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