I am using dual boot on a same HDD (C:XP - D:w7) and my default OS is XP. I accidentally changed the admins password on W7 and now unfortunately cant access it.. i have already tried couple of hacking programs but no success at all... i also tried to access my D drive from the C drive using the command prompt, however I can see the users on D but somehow it doesnt let me change the passwords nor i can activate the Administrator account :S

I really need help with this because I have so many things on my W7 side... Any help would be appreciated

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There is no Microsoft supported way to retreive the password. At best, microsoft Windows provides the password reset disk. If you dont have that, you'll need to resort to trying out a variety of tools that you can download.

I really need help with this because I have so many things on my W7 side.

so what happens when you go to mycomputer and try to open the D: drive ,can you access the files there or does it ask for the password

Yes, since I have an admin account on C, I can access my D: drive and files from the C. Is there way to change the pass like that?

No, you cannot change the password of the Windows 7 OS by logging onto the Windows XP computer. The only reason why you can access the files is because you did not encrypt drive D from within the OS (that's good for you).

If you can see the files on D:, that also means that drive D was formatted in a way that your XP computer supports. You are very fortunate to have this scenario so you can at least access the files.

Anyone got any idea how to do it? I mean there should be a way to access it. Cmon PC masters :D

so you don't remember what you accidently changes it to ,or you just didn't realise you were whanging it

try booting to the in7 dvd ,when you get to choose language ,then install you will see repair option on the lower left ,click that and you can try a system restore back to a earlier day,maye beore the change ,but im not 100% sure it will change back to the old password .as I never use passwords ,memory to bad for that

@krutatA..You have only one option to insert a boot disk and repair Win 7. Are you able to run Win 7 in safe mode ?

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