Hi all,

I am hoping that someone out there has a solution for this... Its driving me nuts. I have been searching the net for weeks trying to come up with a fix, but cant find one. So here it is:

When using IE7 (Yeah, I know... I should be using Firefox) for a while and openning new tabs my right click stops responding, The menu bar disapears, new windows just sit there blank. Not only that but i cant even open any windows explorer windows. The only way to get the right click back and everything else is to restart IE7, which is a bit of a pain especially when I have a bunch of tabs or windows open for me to do my research, and that is only a temporary fix, cause the problem comes back.

This happens when I start IE7 normaly and with no addons. I have tried uninstalling the Google toolbar, and the problem still occures.

The wierd thing is, sometimes I can be using IE7 for 5 minutes or 2 hours before the problem appears. I couldnt tell you when it will happen, only that it does every time I use IE7.

By the way, this is a Dell XPS M1710, running Vista Ultimate 32 with 4GB ram. I have run AV, Adware, Sbybot, etc. and everything is clear.

Any advice or ideas would really be appreaciated.

Thanks a bunch!

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This sounds like an out-of-memory or out-of-internet-cache error.

Such errors do not depend on the time IE is running, but the size of the web page.

The fact that you are running Vista could indicate incompatibilities between page contents and Vista.

Thanks for the info! Any ideas on what to do about it?

Thanks buddy

I, too, have this problem. I am using WindowsXP SP2, and it occurs with both Iexplore 6 and 7. I found a link to a Microsoft article that explains this behavior as a resource leak in Internet Explorer. They have a hotfix available, but you have to ring the support line afaik.

They state that it only applies to IE version 5, but the exact same thing is still happening in the versions 6 and 7 that I've tried. Either they haven't fixed it as well as they think, or there's a different resource leak on your system. The fact that it only occurs when using Iexplore would indicate that that is the source of the leak.

Esteemed colleagues: It is also a problem with Windows XP. I know, because I run XP on all my machines, plus IE 7.0, and the problem lies with IE 7.0. Anyone who uses the right-click very much at all with IE7.0 will soon find out what we're talking about. As for a solution, I don't have one yet, but I do know that if I open separate browser windows, instead of loading one window with many tabs, it seems to take longer for the right-click to stop working.

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