I installed a Synchrotech cardbus reader into a new PC today. It fits into a 3.5" drive bay and has a IDE cable that connects to the PCI slot on the back of the board. After installing it, the mouse driver disappeared and I had to reinstall the drivers. I shut it down, watched it go black, and a few seconds later I saw that was back on. I shut it down again, same thing. I watched it this time and after 7 seconds it goes back on. I don't see traces of BSOD but disabled auto restart to be sure. When I take the card out of the PCI slot, it doesn't reboot. The manufacturer doesn't have drivers on their website, they recommend using a Windows install disk to make it work. The drivers were installed by Windows and seem to be the right ones, most updated. I am at a loss. And to be sure that it wasn't isolated to this PC, I had to install a second one, does the SAME thing except that I didn't have to reinstall the mouse driver. I tried disabling the device, and uninstalling the device in Device Manager. I'm at a loss.

Intel DH67BL motherboard
Windows 7 Professional
Intel Pentium G630 CPU
Stock 350W PSU (remember, this is happening on 2, so I don't think the PSU is faulty)
WD 500GB Caviar Black HDD

Please let me know if I can provide more details. I can't think of what else it could be. Thanks!!

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I downloaded Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and it says it's compatible with Windows 7 - it shows up in Device Manager as Ricoh R/RL/5c476(II) or Compatible CardBus controller. The Synchrotech site advises to "use drivers found on a (Windows) installation disc...the ..F32R uses the Ricoh R5C843 and the ...F32-B uses the Texas Instruments PCI1520 drivers supplied with Windows XP/Vista/7. There is nothing about the ...F32R-B, so I don't know if I'm using the right drivers or what driver it's supposed to use. This is annoying. I can only imagine calling Synchrotech for technical support is gonna be a nightmare, their website is shoddy enough.

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