I am trying to block applications like freecell.exe, etc... through group policy. I have successfully done this for the games in the system32 folder. My new problem is the users bringing the .exe files from home and putting them on the shared network drive or in their home directory. I have tried blocking the overall app without any luck. The most I can do at this time is scan the server for these games, delete, etc... This does not solve the problem with people who may also have the games on CDs, flash drives, or floppy disks. Help! :-|

That's kind of tough, really. XP Doesn't really allow you to do that.

Best thing is to make a written policy for that type of stuff and ENFORCE IT. Things got so bad at one workplace that they implemented a near zero-tolerance policy-- get caught playing on company time, and you should probably consider packing your stuff up. Get caught a second time, move the previously packed box to the trunk of your car, and come back next Friday for your check.