It sounds like a strange problem but whenever i switch on my other pc, everything loads normally. Then XP loads normally and all the desktop icons appear and the menu button. However i have 2 wait around 5minutes before i can actually do anything! After that time things start loading up. Something that always appears is a 'AOL Connectivitiy' box which i have 2 click End Now with.

any help would be appreciated. thank you

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It sounds like a big program or many small programs are starting up when you log in. You can check and stop unwanted processes by going to run->write msconfig into the box->startup tab->unclick any unwanted process->apply->restart computer. When you start up next time you will get a dialog that says that you've changed the startup, check the box and click the ok button. This might solve the problem. Any more information would help.


Check your system thoroughly for virus and spyware. See the "Helping Yourself" topic in the Security forum for ideas and assistance.


Here's a couple more suggestions:

Click on Start, point to Programs, point to Startup; if there are any programs listed there that you do not want to open everytime you start the computer, delete them (from Startup only, not the actual program!).

Click on Start, point to Settings, and then click on Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click on Services. Look through the list for programs that are set to start automatically; sevearal you will want to start automatically, like an anti-virus program, but some you may wish to change to start manually (like AIM). To make the change, right-click on the service you wish to change and select the appropriate option. Unless you're sure about what you're doing here, only change one thing at a time, reboot, and wait a day or so to make sure you haven't changed something you shouldn't have; if you do, simply change it back.


Thanks for your help people but my problems for this particular computer are over. My dad got a hammer 2 it last nite!! But dont worry, i have another computer with big problems - see my other posts.

Thanks anyways :)


LOL! yeah. Well thankfully all i needed was a new case and a CDROM drive. Got these, reinstalled windows and now Windows no longer makes me await! God works in mysterious ways!!!!

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