I am trying to setup email templates in Outlook 2003. The template is a basic email that will be sent to different users, but the body of the email rarely changes.

I have saved a new email with the body setup the way I want it to look each time. I have set up the stationary for our logo header. I have also set the signature as an image. I then saved this email as an .OFT file.

When I go to use the template, the way you expect it to look is not actually the case the signature is placed at the top, followed by the email logo and the body of my template.

We would like to set this up for the whole company – over 40 users!!! Is there a way we can fix this??? Please help!!!

I just experienced this problem after applying the latest patches to Office 2003. I opened a template I use often, and my signature had been inserted at the top of the message.

I tried using a different template, and on that one my signature was inserted at the bottom of the message. This seemed more logical, although since my template already included the signature, it was now there twice.

After some testing, I discovered that if the template is in Rich Text format, the signature gets inserted properly at the end. But if the format is Plain Text or HTML, it's inserted at the top of the message.

Apparently this is a new behavior of Office, and it would be useful if it worked properly. I have many templates that I use, and it was always a pain when my signature changed, since I'd have to update each template individually. I've sent a message to Microsoft support regarding this, and am awaiting a reply.

I received a response from Microsoft on this problem. The good news is that they have acknowledged the problem. The bad news is (big surprise) that they have no intention of fixing it. But the even better news is that this is not actually a 'bug'; it is a (to quote Microsoft) a "by-design imperfect feature". :confused:

I wish I could make this stuff up. If you are interested in seeing the actual response from MS Support, along with my reply, and some editorial comment, you can view it here


I am having problems editing a email signature to my requirements.

it is a business card with my company's logo at the bottom with a hyperlink to the web site, with Calibri as the font for my name and other details email addy etc.

when i recieved back a test email the quality of the logo and the details were distorted in quality.

also the inside of the rounded text box was shaded transperent green inside, but when it is received it is clear/white/transparent?

Please can anybody suggest how i

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