help..!! help...! S.O.S
i had dowloaded xp sp3 for free version at 23.00 wib/ 08/oct/2012, from softpedia but
i don't know its Serial Number, when i installing it to my
computer...who knows that? plz help me...

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There's no such thing as a free version of Windows, other than a trial copy that you can download directly from Microsoft's website.

Even if you have a legitimate copy of Windows that you copied, it is not a legal copy unless you pay for the license.

As far as I know, Softpedia offers only the service pack (SP3) for download and not a free version of Windows.


I would recommend that Microsoft downloads be retrieved from their site.

Yes SP3, Is an update from Microsoft no serial number is required, it should be 336MB approx, so be prepared for a long time downloading it even on broadband. There is another 108 updates after SP3 so you might just be a little behind in the update stakes.

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