hi guys,i get this error when i try to see how many computers are connected to my network,from the command prompt i type NET VIEW and come this error,or is there any way to see who is conected to my network and how can i block specific computers ...thank you

hi, i don't know a whole lot about networking ,only the basics at best ,but if you have a network setup shouldn't you already know who's on it .
maybe also post you question in the daniweb networking section ,maybe someone there that doesn't check the windows forum ,might have and answer for you

just found this with google search of the error #.

ok,maybe i make mistake,i close this post but its not solved because i open another one in the network place,maybe thats why nobody reply there..

did you check the microsoft link in my last post .

als do you have a network setup ,or are you just trying to see how many people might be connected to your internet network


glad you solved ,you never did answer any of the questions i asked !

care to share how it got solved ,what you had to do ,in case someone with your problem happens to come along and need a fix ,thanks

sorry abot that,i found it in the modem page,(i use a zte zxv 10 h 108 l router),so go to the device page and i foun were i can see who in conected to my network...