Ok this is a very weird problem and I am using computers since I was 3 and today I m 20, this is so anoying that i finally had to post my first forum post asking for help related to computer hardwares.

Nuff braggin.

Anyways, Here's My spec :
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Asus Motherboard P5KPL-AM/PS
Intel E5700 D-Core 3.00 ghz processor
500 GB WD Green Hard drive (Sata)
Biostar GT 220 1GB DDR3 (nvidia Chipset) Graphics Card

1st Optical Drive : Sony RW DRU 190A (PATA) [Master]
2nd Optical Drive : LG DT ST DVD RAM GH22NP21 (PATA) [Slave]
3rd Optical Drive : LG DT ST DVD RAM GH22NS70 (Sata)

My problem lies with the 2nd optical drive which is the Slave PATA LG GH22NP21.
Here's the deal :
It ONLY detects a media (be it CD or DVD) when it is BLANK, My other drives will read that very same disc which probably is writter an hour ago but that Drive wont read anything else other than a blank disk.
If I insert a perfectly working DVD in it it just keeps blinking (the light) and then the light just stays on forever.

Whenever I try to write something in it be it with Nero 9, 10 or 7 OR even LG Power tools, the progress bar for writting stays at zero - I once left it overnight to see if it progresses even by 1% but no luck - all the while the light on the Drive is not on at all.. But as soon as I hit the stop button the write starts progressing goes about 10-15% and says "Operation aborted by user" pisses me off wasted 10 verbatim DVD's on this!!!

So let me know if I am missing any details and if this is fixable ?

THE ONLY reason I bought this PATA drive inspite of having a SATA one is because the SATA drives dont give the option of writing DVD's at 4X (if it does PLEASE show me how)

THE MOST IMPORTANT AND WEIRD THING OF ALL : This Writer works fine when connected to a different computer, reads perfectly writes perfectly ! I even changed the PATA (IDE) cable re aligned the Jumpers to MASTER/SLAVE and now both to CSEL configurations but NOTHING WORKS

So Guys PLEASE help me out here !

I even downloaded Microsoft's CD/DVD Fixit and reset the uper and lower limits in the registry !

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