how can i enter bios set up in my acer laptop if the inbuilt keyboard and mouse are not working.please help becuase i want to install a fressh installation of windows 7.

- Walter

hi ,might be of help if you posted make and model# of your laptop .
you could try plugging a usb keyboard to see if that works

The laptop is acer travelmate 5512AWLMi...i have tried to plug in a usb keyboard but even the usb ports are not working either.
please reply caperjack

first thing i think of is the laptop might be overheating and locking up ,is this possible,is it older laptop and do u dust off the heatsinc and fan regularly with a can of compressed air .

No i havent done that..but my suprise is after installing windows 7 from vista its when everything is not working..this is what is making me amased.

yeah that is a surprise ,after you install win7 did it boot up and work

its booting up very well but all the usb ports,mouse,in built keyboard are not working..thats why am confused and stressed out

that make no sense to me ,why all those devices would not work ,,so i assume it will not boot directly to the win7 dvd so you can try reinstalling win7 ,and i really don't have much to add, sorry

thanks anyway...this problem is one in a million