This just started a few days ago, and I can't seem to figure out the problem. When I am on the computer at ANY random time the screen turns a dark red color which makes things extremely hard to see, and is very annoying. The problem can go away at any time, and sometimes fixes itself within minutes, but it can stay red for hours too. I thought it was probably spyware or a virus, but today i cleaned out all viruses and spyware, and the problem still exists. Thank you for any help.

Could be a corrupt graphics card, or a bent pin in the monitor connector. Try a different gdx card and ensure that no pins on the plug are bent.

I had exact problem and solved it.

The problem resides in monitor. The picture is combined of 3 colored beams (red, green and blue). It is obvious that blue and green beams on your screen disappear from time to time, leaving only red.

Every monitor has varistor for each color. What you can do is open up the monitor and inspect solders for cracks and discolorations (spark burns). I suspect that varistors for blue and green (usualy placed at the other end of the tube) have a cracked solders and they are usualy marked. If you find any, soldate them.

Make sure to unplugg the power cable and flip the switch in "on" position before you open it.

Do not try to adjust any of the varistors, for you'll distrort the picture.