I bought a Dell inspiron 1545 just about an year ago.It was working smoothly till now.A few days back I installed windows 7 and the eject button on the keyboard started having problems.At times it wont work , a reboot might solve it , but the problem keeps on show up again..The eject button on the tray is working perfectly ! What do I do to solve this problem?!! please help me

Use the eject button on the tray (kind of a version of "Patient: Doctor it hurts when I do this. Doctor: Stop doing that").

Seriously though, if this is a special feature on the Dell keyboard, then there is probably some code that supports it and that code may not be compatible with Win 7. I suggest that you find a Dell forum and ask the question there and also contact Dell support.

Hi, check the dell website that you have all the dell software installed, as With some models the software does need to be installed after the windows installtion of you have this checked at your local pc repair shop if you are not familart with this also the keyboard itself could have a fault, there are 2 types for the dell 1545 keyboard, a dell 1545 silver found at coywood here http://www.coywood.co.uk/dell-inspiron-1526-1540-1545-m1330-m1530-keyboard-d9k00-0nk844-2244-p.asp and also a black dell 1545 keyboard also found at coywood http://www.coywood.co.uk/dell-inspiron-1540-1545-1520-1525-keyboard-nsk-d930u-0p463j-2085-p.asp hope this helps