ive already tryed somthing but it's ovusly failed

my computer some how's crashes the apps that I'm useing then it crashes the whole the computer.

I've already formated the computer hard drive but it didn't work any idea guys and it had it's hard drive replaced a few weeks ago but it seems that there is now anoter problem

I have a feeling that the grafics card has gone but I want to make sure from people with a bit more know how then me so any he will be great

I have put this post on here by my iPhone and try to put it on by computer but it chrashed half way through

please help

here's a bit me info for ya but I don't know if it will help it mainly happens when the computer is playing world of Warcraft or somthing that has some flash animation like an add on this site that's moving ^^

have you tried setting Warcraft to run in Compatibility Mode? Do seem to remember it was never fully updated for Vista, as most users found the OS too heavy to run the game anyhow.

Are any other apps causing this type of system crash? Also, is blue-screening? - if so, what error codes are displayed? May simply be a case of insufficient memory (RAM) or too low capacity GPU-card. To test, might want to drop video-settings for Warcraft down a notch or two and see if problem persists.

I know this may al sound a little vague, but you really haven't provided a lot of info, so just picking at the most likely candidates. Without knowing when the system commonly crashes (or if BSOD is involved); anything about your sys or hardware
specs; what else is running in the back-ground.... only so much guidance can be given.

the computer has 4GB of RAM and i think it has 1GB of memory in the grafics card (somthing like that it said it had that much when I got it form the store web site) witch is a geforce9800 PC is a HP pavlilon m9280.uk-a and there are two hard drives with both 500Gb of memory and it's now just starting to freeze when I copy files over to the main drive or when I'm the Internet looking for information on this problem. before this started tho it would go up in a blue screen (I kinda didn't read the code soz) but the only thing I've got instaled at the mo is norton and it keeps freezeing on anything else that I try and install hope this helps a bit more and for lack of info before

soz it all squashed typeing on the iPhone again not that easy to me

I also checked the event viewer (this was from another forum)and there has been a error with a file called nvstor32 that had been resent I don't know what it does so I'm not realy tuoching it yet but it has preaty much failed 12 times and the same amount as the computer has (I do try and find out what's wrong before I start playing with things like that) so I'm starting to think that is the culprt. but that's a think

never mind I think I fixed it. it was something to do with the NVIDIA grafic software nvstor32 alright but all I did was uninstall and then reinstall it and so far no freezes shame I wiped my hard drive but that's not a big issue for me it just takes time to reinstall it all. sorry for wasting your time daniweb but at least if some else has this problem they can check this out now^^ now back to the installing!!!

As further advice, would advise updating your nVidia drivers, as no doubt HP's are seriously out of date (nvstor32 relates to you nVidia card drivers). Also, given HP's tendency to load even their high-end systems with a few less than high-end components, do a little digging into the actual write-speed of those drives, as that will have a big impact to file-transfer speed.

Know thread is marked as solved, but hoping this will avoid a future recurrence of the probs :)