I just bought a hp omni all in one pc. My sister tells me that if i remove all the extra software that's pre-installed my computer will run faster. Is this true, and how do i know what to un-install?

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Yes, it is true but it does depend upon what you uninstall. Not everything will impact upon performance if you remove it from the equation.

As for what to remove, that's simple: anything you don't use, will never use, don't want.

Personally, I always start with the Internet security suite as the ones that have done deals with the hardware vendors have a tendency to be true bloatware and can really hit performance hard. I have taken down McAfee and Norton from numerous Windows 7 machines bought by relatives and friends, and replaced them with Microsoft Security Essentials which is free and does a decent job of protecting the PC without slowing it down so much.


Hp bloaters. I think there is some software out there that removes it. Search for it. It took me about 2 hours to clean out a HP Vista machine manually.

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